The coherence of continuity!


That pitched dark night comes back to my mind,
I somehow had managed to return from the gallows of death

A body, cold wrenched and tired
A food saltless seemed very tasty

Losing houses, money and property
Hugging my brothers happily we were

People black, white, hindu and muslim
Believers of one god brothers all today

Fear of death is such a force of cohesion
Humanity everyone’s religion became to be

The elation of being alive
Of meeting relatives once again

An overcrowded bed, a cold autumn night
How peacefully and warm I slept


One and a part


And they count me two,
At least one and a part,
Now I am being branded on its own,

Was good at sums,
Multiply and divides,
Came to me inborn, inherited

They stared at me,
Brusquely through corners of eyes,
Oh! There was one of acumen,

Not to be befooled,
Not blown away, missed I never,
I sailed through the early hours of my youth,

It came in a continuum,
Even at the moment and then,
Rest, I am not as good as thee,

I forgot you,
Did you not recall me?
Did you want that or that wished thee,

Deep in the thoughts,
Sailing in memories & memoirs,
It’s you, entire I wished to be,

You walked away,
On a diverse path, poles apart,
You chose to amend my destiny,

Fly you did,
Never for a minute did you halt,
It was too hurried, I couldn’t follow,

I want not to recall,
To be in motion,
All through this tide,

Crippled emotions,
One twist so curved,
Refuses to let safe as I cross,

Built to tear down,
Anything remainder of me,
I refuse to evaporate, burn it may

Replenished by my blood,
Happy in my displeasure,
Seeks to bring down the pile of me,

I breathe, I continue to,
Happy & in high spirits,
One too many tags fastened to me,

I sail, sail & sail
Through the blue, I set away far and wide,
Scares me no more the tide,

In the midst,
Of my, my, my existence,
My psyche takes a detour,

It fetches me you,
Dazzling in your presence,
Haven’t felt normal for times,

I hate the sea,
Disgusted for its tides,
Splash water on my face, bring me back,

May possibly I am excused,
And rent out in my thoughts,
Can I only live in my fantasy, if there only I want to be…