The mighty Grandpa!



The phone was ringing loudly for the third time now. It was the peak hour of 10-11am. Adil was very busy at the counter in his office. He thought he’d call back his grandfather as soon as he gets free. Very irritatingly, he picked up the phone & without any greetings, he rushed back for enquiring why his grandfather was calling at such a busy hour. But to his utter shock, it wasn’t his grandfather’s voice on the other end of the phone. It was one of Adil’s cousins & he sounded very worried. ‘Adil, Come home immediately’ he said ‘and drive slow, everything’s alright’. Adil knew at once, something wasn’t.

On his way back, Adil reflected on how his grandfather had brought him up in the absence of his parents. How he had remained strong, even after the sad demise of the parents of Adil in an unfortunate car accident. Adil had a very strong image of his grandfather, who was a man of great willpower & inner strength. He never knew of any disease more than a mild cold or flu. Adil could never imagine in his wildest dreams that anything bad could happen to his grandpa. But he reached home to only find a cold motionless man. Yes, this world is temporary, Adil now understood.


Disappearance of a beloved


So elated, I was. An Apricot plant had grown by itself in the kitchen garden. It was a small baby trying to make a sound in a corner near the wall. I moved closer, touched the plant to have a closer look. It had the same peculiar leaves, that reddish brown color branches, that branching network. It prompted me to go have a look on my Apricot plant I had been nurturing for years now some feet away.
I felt like I had received a bonus now & was very excited counting the huge number of Apricots my two plants would produce in the future. Where’s my baby! I couldn’t see it at it’s spot. The bricks were there, the grass that grew along someone had plucked it. The Apricot plant was there severed from the roots. I picked it up trying hopelessly stared at it for a long time. It’s leaves were dropping down. The leaves at the tips were starting to dry and were going to crumble.
My grandpa while plucking the bushes had accidentally pulled the Apricot plant out of the ground too. I hadn’t informed him of the presence of the plant there. I hadn’t put any protection around it. I’ve only myself to blame. 😦 😦
We’ve built nuclear bombs, viruses and Artificial Intelligence. But the soul that has left this plant it’s beyond human capabilities to do anything about it.

The Cutting of Chinars


Isn’t widening of roads equally important as saving a Chinar is? Yes there’s definitely a need to conserve the Chinar. While everyone’s harping against the move for whatever reasons, few are coming up with alternatives.
And if there’s no alternative which is the way it’s how is saving a tree better than inconvenience of thousands on the road every day. Yes, it takes so many decades to grow. Why can’t we plant more chinars instead. While I’m delighted to see the good number of people standing up against the move, I hope a few turn up to plant Chinar saplings too.
PS: March 15 is observed as the Chinar Day.