The mighty Grandpa!



The phone was ringing loudly for the third time now. It was the peak hour of 10-11am. Adil was very busy at the counter in his office. He thought he’d call back his grandfather as soon as he gets free. Very irritatingly, he picked up the phone & without any greetings, he rushed back for enquiring why his grandfather was calling at such a busy hour. But to his utter shock, it wasn’t his grandfather’s voice on the other end of the phone. It was one of Adil’s cousins & he sounded very worried. ‘Adil, Come home immediately’ he said ‘and drive slow, everything’s alright’. Adil knew at once, something wasn’t.

On his way back, Adil reflected on how his grandfather had brought him up in the absence of his parents. How he had remained strong, even after the sad demise of the parents of Adil in an unfortunate car accident. Adil had a very strong image of his grandfather, who was a man of great willpower & inner strength. He never knew of any disease more than a mild cold or flu. Adil could never imagine in his wildest dreams that anything bad could happen to his grandpa. But he reached home to only find a cold motionless man. Yes, this world is temporary, Adil now understood.


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